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"Kevin is respected as one of the games top hitting instructors."


- Jalal Leach, Miami Marlins MLB Scout

KJ is the BEST! I've known Kevin for the past few years but it's only been recently that my daughter has been going to see him for extra batting practice. Kevin has amazing patience and you can see his dedication to help players reach their full potential at every session. His big personality and sense of humor helps keep the training fun and he's always ready to share his knowledge of the game. If you're looking for something extra to give your child the edge, check out KJ Hitting!


- Justin A.- Burlingame

I've hit with KJ for the past three years and have greatly improved my hitting and fielding skills in that time. As a coach he has the experience and know how to connect with players to help them become better in both the physical and mental aspect of the game. I always looked forward to my weekend hitting sessions with KJ and would definitely recommend him to anyone trying to get better at baseball or softball!

Connor V. - San Francisco

Both my daughters have been going to KJ for several years.  Not only did he help them develop their hitting mechanics with weekly lessons, but made himself available for hitting advice while they were competing in tournaments over the summer.  If they felt something was off with their swing, we could send him videos of their at bats and he would respond with simple helpful advice they could put to use right away. Even thought KJ is mostly thought of as a hitting coach, he is a great fielding coach as well.  My oldest daughter is now playing softball in college and younger daughter will be playing in college as well in a few years.  KJ has been a big part of their success!

Ryan F. - Burlingame

"KJ is a homegrown, former MLB pro without the big league attitude that some of the other coaches and instructors have here in the area without the same credentials. My son has been extremely fortunate to work on, and improve his hitting approach, and fundamentals with KJ since he was 8. KJ is patient, knowledgeable, and a wonderful, caring human being. There's no one I trust more with my son's growth, development, and mindset for the game of baseball than Kevin Jordan. I highly recommend his instructional services and expertise with your player! Thank you for everything KJ!!! We appreciate you!!

Fred W. - San Mateo

KJ is an amazing hitting coach. He takes the time to really teach the little things that a lot of athletes lack in their game. I gained so much confidence in the box, knowing that I have the skills needed to produce, thanks to KJ. I highly recommend any athlete looking to improve their all around game.

Kailey O. - St. Mary's College Softball Player

"My former teammate & #MLB INF @kjhitting. HITTERS in San Fran Peninsula, I fully endorse"

-Kevin Wilson ‏@KWBaseball

In addition to being a knowledgable, accomplished hitting instructor, KJ Is a great person.  Our three kids have improved their baseball / softball skills tremendously thanks to KJ (he was instrumental in getting our daughter committed to play D1 softball on scholarship), but our family's relationship with KJ is about much more than ball.  Whether it's talking about teenage "drama" with my daughter, sharing favorite jazz musicians with my son, or just generally joking around, KJ knows how to connect with kids at their level -- all while teaching the finer points of hitting & fielding.  We're thankful to have KJ as part of our team to help our kids reach their goals on the field and in life.

-Darren W. - San Carlos

Experienced hitting coach with immediate results! My kids (both softball and baseball players) have hit with KJ for years. KJ has the ability to connect with young people almost immediately and is able to pinpoint what changes and adjustments are needed to improve your son or daughter's swing. Highly recommend him for a diagnostic assessment and regular upkeep to maintain that perfect swing!

Jenny G. - San Francisco

Kevin Jordan is absolutely amazing. At our first meeting, he stressed to my 11-year old son that having fun was going to be the most important part of working together. It has stayed true over these last seven months.

Kevin works within each player's current skill level, and he builds a strong and confident foundation. He gradually adds more and more -- all while giving an athlete plenty of time to work new enhancements into their swing -- at their pace. I am so happy Kevin was recommended to us, and I thank him for all the patience and guidance he has provided thus far.

-Jay B. - Menlo Park


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